Which State Charge Panelty If you Don't Buy Health Insurance Policy?

Health insurance mandate in these states

Know the State That Charge Penalty If You Don’t Buy Health Insurance Policy

The previous version of the ACA or Affordable Care Act had the “individual mandate” component. It was mandatory for all Americans to get their healthcare needs covered or else they were required to pay tax penalty. However, starting 2019, the Trump Administration altogether eliminated “individual mandate” option. But some states haven’t yet done away with “individual mandate” option and are continuing with the old practice. These states are as under:

  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington D.C.

If you happen to be a resident of one of the aforesaid states, it is mandatory for you to buy health insurance or else pay penalty.

Why These States Still Have Individual Mandate for Health Insurance?

The main reason for which the original version of ACA is still followed is that in the absence of an individual mandate, many people may purchase health insurance coverage only if they felt any real need. This category of individuals might include elderly people and those having some pre-existing medical conditions. Before the Affordable Care Act came into effect, insurers evaluated health conditions of all applicants prior to enrolling them for healthcare coverage. And this lead too many people being denied just because of their growing age and past medical histories. The ACA changed that by introducing the “individual mandate” clause which implied that insurers cannot deny health insurance coverage to people who are ageing and have pre-existing medical conditions.

Accordingly, to get enrolled for healthcare insurance, there is an annual open enrollment period (OEP). During this time frame, all eligible persons can shop for cheap government subsidized health insurance quotes in their states’ marketplace. This gives you the chance to pick a good ACA compliant health insurance plan even if you have some pre-existing medical condition. Remember, the main advantage of enrolling for the Obamacare is that you are liable to get healthcare services which meet certain standards. And you can even benefit with government subsidies without compromising on coverage levels.

But there may be some household income criteria that you need to meet to qualify for health insurance subsidies. To determine whether you are eligible for the ACA plan benefits, it could be much better if you talk to a competent local health insurance agent or broker service. There are few websites that can assist you in fixing free consultation with a certified as well as highly experienced local agent. Additionally, you can also use the cost-free online services for finding and comparing the best cheap healthcare insurance quotes on your state’s marketplace. Just find a totally reliable and reputed website.

To get started for finding a health insurance coverage at a price you can easily afford, apply now!