3 Things to Know about Corona Virus & Your Health Coverage

Corona Virus and Health Insurance

As corona virus infections or COVID-19 disease continues to spread its tentacles to newer areas, the need for having comprehensive health insurance coverage assumes tremendous significance. The number of COVID-19 positive cases has already spiked to beyond the 400,000 mark and a fatality of over 10,000, the situation is alarming. The sudden surge in corona +ve cases only makes it essential for Americans to know as to how their existing healthcare plans may cover corona virus or COVID-19 disease. To that there are 3 things that you need to check out by contacting your current health insurance service provider.

Understanding your Health Coverage

  • Lab testing and related services -Contact your health insurance company to make sure that lab tests and related services for diagnosis and COVID-19 treatment are covered under your present healthcare insurance policy. In some cases, companies agree to standard cost sharing with buyers. Although lab testing services is mandatory under minimum essential benefits under ACA compliant plans, coverage levels are likely to vary from plan to plan.
  • Telehealth services - Some insurers cover costs for home health visits by physicians. It is important that you verify whether such Telehealth services are covered under your current health insurance policy and if so, to what extent.
  • Enrollment in healthcare coverage - In case, you have still not enrolled for healthcare insurance coverage with any government or private marketplace company, you can determine whether you qualify for the special enrolment period. The Affordable Care Act prevents insurers from denying health insurance to people even if they have some or the other pre-existing medical conditions. If you are found to be eligible, ACA compliant health plans may allow you to get enrolled for coverage regardless of your age, gender or any other factors. Even private marketplace policies cannot deny you healthcare coverage because of change of health status that includes diagnosis and treatment of corona virus or COVID-19 disease.

To learn more about corona virus diagnosis and treatment health insurance coverage as well as limits, it is hereby suggested to visit cdc.gov as early as possible.