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Finding affordable health insurance for self employed people can be a highly challenging task although one of your alternatives is to get enrolled individual health coverage under ACA on your state’s online market exchange. However, when you seek specialist help, you can secure top quality health insurance cover that works.

We can help you to find the best health insurance for self employed individuals with low sustainable premiums if you are a consultant, contractor, freelancer or even an independent worker without any employees online. Take advantage of our assistance for securing a solution that best fits your specific health needs and budget.

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Subsidized Health Insurance Options for Self Employed

Affordable group or individual health insurance for self employed could be easier to find on your state’s online marketplace exchange. You only need to make sure that you are doing business for yourself and that there are no employees working. Besides, before researching your alternatives, you may consider the following.

  • Determine the right type of health plan: While comparing several health plans, check benefits in detail, network of physicians, drug prescription coverage and of course the insurance premium rates. We can make the multiple quotes comparison process easy and convenient for you so that you may get enabled to select the right plan.
  • Choose the plan during open enrolment period: The ACA has an open enrolment period to get enrolled for cheap health insurance for self employed. Probable buyers can enrol for health benefits from 1st Nov. to 15th Dec. of every year. If you miss the date, you can qualify for special enrolment. Till then, you can buy short term health insurance.
  • Check qualification for special enrolment period: With ACA plans, there is a possibility to get enrolled for government health benefits outside of the open enrolment period. Any unexpected life changes form the basis of qualifying events that can make you eligible to get enrolled for the best health insurance for self employed.
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Enrol For Private Health Insurance For Self Employed Individuals

Here’s how we may help you to locate cheap individual or group health insurance for self employed persons. Our team of specialists is more than eager to provide necessary guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There is every chance that you may lose your employer’s health insurance coverage if you have just left your job and have started your own business immediately after that. But you can determine your eligibility for health coverage outside of the open enrolment period. ACA plans have special enrolment periods for individuals who meet eligibility for qualifying events. Qualification for special enrolment period will ensure that you and your family’s health is insured despite your being self employed post job.

You can get enrolled for an individual or family health insurance plan if you are not an employee or have any employees working with you in your business. You only need to give proof that you have some annual income.

People, whose household incomes are less than 400% of federal poverty level, are eligible for getting subsidy with ACA plans. Accordingly, single persons must earn $49,000 and family of four must have household income of $98,000 annually to qualify for subsidies under Obamacare plans. If you meet income requirements, you will pay significantly less every month for self employed health insurance.

By choosing the right type of health insurance coverage, you can save great deal on out of pocket expenses. You can secure the lowest premium rates if you agree to visit in-network doctors and hospitals in your nearby locality as specified in the policy. However, if you opt for out of network doctors and hospitals, the costs may increase substantially.

We know that it’s difficult to find time when you are in business. Nevertheless, there are several websites which provide online assistance to get health insurance for self employed at sustainable premium. You can get valuable information pertaining to various available alternatives from the comfort of your home. With our help, you can locate the best health plans within minutes!

Know more about health terms

  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum

    It refers to the amount that a buyer pays towards medical costs including the deductible, co-pay and co-insurance. Once the maximum limit has been met, insurer is responsible for paying medical expenses for the remaining time period should need for healthcare services arise.

  • Co-insurance

    The term “co-insurance” refers to the percentage of permissible charges for all healthcare insurance services covered under a policy. These expenses have to be borne by the buyer.

  • Co-payment

    The term “co-payment” refers to a flat monetary amount which a buyer is needed to pay for expenses related to certain specified category of medications or medical services.

  • Deductible

    A deductible refers to the amount of money that buyers pay for settling claims in advance. Buyer has the option to pay costs for certain covered health insurance services before the healthcare insurance coverage starts paying.

  • Annual Limit

    Health insurance plans have certain restrictions on coverage limits for some specified treatments or healthcare services or even all medical benefits during the time period for which policy is effective.

  • Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR)

    It refers to a discount which reduces out-of-pocket expenses for deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance. To qualify for the discount, buyer you must have an income within prescribed levels under ACA so that one is eligible for a silver category health insurance plan.

  • Dependent

    The term “Dependent”, for the purpose of healthcare insurance, refers to any eligible person or individuals (other than spouse and child) that are covered under the buyer’s health insurance policy.

  • Health Savings Account

    An Health Savings Account or the HSA allows buyer to keep some money aside before taxes. When the policyholder visits nearby doctor or hospital, one can pay qualified expenses from their HSA.

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