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Health Insurance during COVID19

The Covid-19 Pandemic - How To Get Health Insurance Coverage Online

The corona virus pandemic has posed new challenges to the health insurance state. Both people and insurers may be clueless regarding the emerging situation as such type of a holocaust had never been imagined. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs within days of the COVID-19 pandemic having taken over their lives It has underlined the importance of having valid healthcare insurance coverage during these difficult times......

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Corona Virus and Health Insurance

Things to know about COVID-19 & Health Coverage

As corona virus infections or COVID-19 disease continues to spread its tentacles to newer areas, the need for having comprehensive health insurance coverage assumes tremendous significance. The number of COVID-19 positive cases has already spiked to beyond the 400,000 mark and a fatality of over 10,000, the situation is alarming The sudden surge in corona +ve cases only makes it essential for Americans......

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HMO Plan Vs PPO Plan - Which One Is The Right Option For You?

HMO and PPO are among the best managed healthcare plans but choosing the right option for your specific health insurance needs and budget can be challenging unless you have some idea regarding how exactly they differ from each other Typically, there are some major differences between HMOs and PPOs in terms of their costs and plan network size. Besides, there might be some constraints that apply to......

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TRICARE Supplement Coverage

What Military Members Must Know About TRICARE Supplement Coverage

TRICARE supplemental health insurance plans can be accessed by members of the U.S. military by members in active duty as well as those who have retired. Nevertheless, these plans could be distinctly different from TRICARE, Medicaid, Medicare as well as employer group healthcare covers......

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Alternatives to Standard Health Insurance

Alternatives To Standard Health Insurance Options

Fast rising health insurance costs have prompted Americans to look for some other low cost options that are easy to sustain and within their monthly budgets. Traditional healthcare coverage policies are now assuming the backstage and are slowly being taken over by cheaper alternatives.....

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All about COBRA

All About COBRA Coverage & Health Insurance Marketplace Options

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, popularly known as COBRA, is basically a federal law that makes it mandatory for employers to offer extended health insurance coverage to employees after their retirement or termination of job or even reduction in working hours.....

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Moral Hazards In Health Insurance

ACA And The Effects Of Moral Hazards In Industry

While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) enabled tens of thousands of uninsured Americans with lower incomes to get their healthcare needs covered at the lowest possible premiums, it undermined the possibility of increase in moral hazards within the healthcare insurance industry....

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Does Your Health Insurance Plan Cover You While Traveling Overseas?

If you are about to travel overseas, it is important that you get your healthcare needs covered. The climatic conditions abroad could be different and experts opine that around 15% travellers develop medical problems. Today it could be possible to cover overseas medical emergencies...

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Gap Insurance For High Deductible Healthcare Plans

An increasing number of Americans are now considering buying gap insurance covers or what are popularly known as supplemental health insurance plans. The main reason for this is conventional healthcare coverage have substantially higher premiums even if buyers choose high deductibles. To keep these out-of-pocket expenses...

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Which State will Charge Panelty If you Don't Have Health Insurance Policy?

Know the State That Charge Penalty If You Don’t Buy Health Insurance Policy.The previous version of the ACA or Affordable Care Act had the “individual mandate” component. It was mandatory for all Americans to get their healthcare needs covered or else they were required to pay tax penalty...

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Can you Get Health Insurance if you have Cancer?

Getting Affordable Health Insurance Coverage with Cancer Is Now a Reality.Having cancer and yet wondering whether you can get healthcare insurance cover? Well, it is possible to get your health covered under insurance coverage and that is an important part of changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)...

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How To Save Money On Health Insurance Premiums?

Some Ways to Save on Health Insurance Premiums! An increasing number of Americans are now signing up for health insurance policies. Therefore, you should not be out of the fray. Health insurance covers can be expensive and that may make many of you wonder, “Does health insurance save money?”..

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How To Choose The Right Health Insurance Plan?

How to choose a good health insurance plan? Well, this might be a question that confuses many of you. Finding the right type of health insurance policy for your unique individual or family health needs and requirements could be challenging. There are numerous alternatives available in the marketplace for insuring health but making an informed decision on your purchase can be intriguing if not impossible...

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Employer Provided Health Insurance Vs Individual Health Coverage

Any debate between individual health insurance vs employer provided health coverage could be a needless one. Instead, it could be much better if you understand the pros and cons of either of the options. While it is possible to buy individual health coverage plans on your state’s marketplace exchange online or directly from an insurance company...

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